Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Garcia by the #s

Freddy Garcia just walked off the mound minutes ago in his Phillies debut where he threw 95 pitches and left the bases loaded for Geoff Geary with two outs in the fifth. In facing 22 hitters, Garcia:

had nine three-ball counts
had six full counts
had 11 two-strike counts
had six first-pitch strikes
had six strikeouts
top velocity - 91 mph

Before the game, Charlie Manuel said Garcia was going to throw just 75 pitches. He had that by the third inning.

In game note: It should be noted that during the sixth inning of Tuesday night's frigid affair at the Bank, Phillies.com scribe Ken Mandel attempted to pour hot chocolate into a basic, paper soda cup. Ken looked on in disbelief as the cup, and the straw he placed into the hot chocolate, mollified into the steaming beverage.

For Ken, it seems, every day is full of surprises.

Nevertheless, Ken enjoyed the steaming cup of chemical ooze as he composed another trenchant and hard-hitting baseball synopsis.



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