Thursday, May 22, 2003

Phils' Wolf Searching for the One That Got Away

NEW YORK — You know that commercial where two young, hip-looking 20-somethings angrily bump into each other on a subway platform and then realize, as they catch a glimpse of each other that true love may have just walked onto the No. 7 train? The ad ends with the sultry young woman writing her phone number on the fogged up window of the train... it's a gum commercial or something.

Anyway, something like that kind of happened to Randy Wolf at Grand Central Station before Thursday afternoon's game at Shea Stadium, but with one big catch — the lefty didn't get the number and now he needs some help.

Here's what happened:

On his way to Shea Stadium, Wolf met a woman he knows only as Liz at the Grand Central Station terminal as he was heading to the subway. It seems as if Liz was lost and confused about how to get to Times Square, so Wolf — despite being a Californian, but being a friendly guy — gave her a hand.

Along the way, Liz and Randy struck up a conversation before each hopped on trains heading in opposite directions.

If only he had acted sooner.

Ah, but there is still a chance for Cupid's arrow to deliver its intent. So smitten was Wolf that he could describe Liz's outfit from head to toe — brown suede bell bottoms and a black coat, with brown hair and brown eyes — and he wants to get the word out that he wants to meet her again. In fact, he was even considering taking out an ad in one of the New York papers.

So, if young Liz is out there and is interested in meeting up with that helpful 6-foot, 180-pound gentleman she met on the train on Thursday who enjoys movies, music, the beach and recently signed a four-year, $22 million contract, she should contact Randy through the Phillies public relations department at

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