Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Go to the other site

We're live and kicking over at the new Finger Food site. Click the hypertext or enter the url: http://fingerfood.wordpress.com.

This site will remain as it is, but the archives and everything else is all at the new site, so get going.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Sit tight...

Sorry for the delay, folks. I'm still working on the redesign, etc., and I expect it should be finished very soon. In the meantime, thanks for hanging with me and if you want to take a look at the new site, click here and make a note of the change in your list of bookmarks... or don't, it's up to you.

(For non-clickers, the url for the new site is: http://fingerfood.wordpress.com)

Until we get back on track, here are a few tidbits of information that might be useful.

  • Get this: I received a response in an email from the USADA, but NOT Floyd Landis' current media representatives... what's that all about?

  • The Phillies are currently on pace for 87 wins, which means they have to go 7-6 the rest of the way to achieve this. My prediction is that if they go 9-4 in the final 13 games against St. Louis, Washington and Atlanta, they will make the playoffs.

  • That's it for the time being... more shortly.
  • Thursday, September 06, 2007


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